Kurt Cobain's daughter is honest about how she deals with her father's death: "I like to believe that something precious can coexist with evil"


Frances Bean Cobain, the daughter of singers Kurt Cobain and Kourtney Love, shared a message of encouragement this Sunday for all those people who, like her, have to deal with the death of a father.

The 29-year-old has remembered her father, the legendary leader of Nirvana, on the occasion of Father's Day, which is celebrated on the third Sunday in June in the United States.

"Today can be a difficult day for many people. So I thought I'd share my annual tradition for this day," she wrote on her Instagram stories.

-"I try to use whatever energy I feel (sometimes sad, sometimes deeply hurt or lost, but in recent years, more curious and compassionate) to bring into the world something that hasn't previously existed, through some kind of creative exercise. ", be sincere.

Over the years, the visual artist has found a thought that makes her feel good, and for this reason she wanted to share it publicly: "I like to believe that if something beautiful can coexist with something sad or complicated, that leaves room for those emotions to circulate with emotion and meaning"

Kurt Cobain committed suicide at his Seattle home in 1994, when his daughter was two years old. In his farewell letter, he stated that Frances would be "happier without him.".

The young woman has spoken on numerous occasions about her father, stating that she would have liked to meet him, that she listens to Nirvana's music and that, unfortunately, the musician did not want to be "the voice of a generation", as defined by his audience and the press

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Frances opined that the musician "ultimately had to sacrifice everything he was for his art," as he felt pressured to be "what the world demanded of him."


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