Nirvana: The time Kurt Cobain and his bandmates burned down the tour bus

-Kurt Cobain , leader of Nirvana , always had the idea of ​​trying to differentiate himself from the big rock bands, but even so he ended up sharing some of the trends. Such is the case with his fascination with destroying things.

The journalist Everett True was present when the band destroyed all kinds of objects in their hotel rooms and also when they destroyed their equipment at concerts. Despite this, according to Cobain , this was nothing compared to what they had done in Europe, where they tried to burn down their own tour van.

-For Nirvana , destruction was an art and a form of expression. According to True, the gang dove into the $750 “gear allowance” they had been given, enjoying the freedom to destroy anything in their path. But for Cobain , even this wasn't enough. The band constantly sought to exceed their own expectations, which led to attempting to set their own van on fire .

“Yeah, I turned on the shades in our tour van while we were doing an interview. It was a few hours after another destruction… Chris shot a fire extinguisher, tore up the magazines and destroyed the whole room,” Cobain told True .

The destruction of the gang's van added to the list of exaggerated rumors about their destructive acts. According to Cobain , the rumors that they had assaulted a woman and completely destroyed her truck were false.



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